Derby Day Scratch Play

Having a Kentucky Derby/Triple Crown party? We have patented an innovative race card that will allow you to raise money for your charity while having all your guests competing against each other. Consider finding a sponsor to underwrite the cost of the cards. Consider selling the cards at the party as a fund raiser. Use the funds raised paying out as a 50:50 competition. Half the money goes to the winner(s) and the other half to support your charity. These cards can be used at any live horse racing event. We take away the need to study the ability of the horses. Each card has 20 horses on the back. Scratch off three horses to find out the post positions of your team. Insert the number of your horses on the card that will comprise your team. Add up your post positions and reward the lowest number with a prize. Add up the finishing position of your horses to compete for the win. These cards can be used for any horse race, including the Triple Crown events. For local parties, we offer generic cards in packs of 50 for $75, shipping and handling included. For larger quantities and sponsored cards, please call us at 407-701-2001.

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